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chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ashton is here with go y- this at length this morning b- becauecause so many people do take this this journ 200& for 14 months. som- others were taking an over the counter vitamin. wh >> had cardiovascular risk factors or t attack - they were already on a stat & - pconcont
to the import of work ahead, and thank you for coming today. may god continue to bless the united states of america. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> still to come, a discussion on attorney general eric holder's announcement to hold civilian trial support 9/11 plotters in new york city. after that, today's memorial service for pulitzer prize winner jack nelson. later, another chance to see former president george w. bush reflect on his a-year presidency and decisions made during his administration. the u.s. house is back in session tomorrow at 2:00 eastern for legislative business. live coverage of the house is on c-span. the senate also returns tomorrow, continuing work on fiscal year 2010 federal spending for the veterans department and military construction. majority leader harry reid has said the senate may began its healthcare debate later in the week. the senate will gavel in at 2:00 p.m. eastern. live coverage on c-span2. >> c-span's 2010 student camp contest is here. the top prize is $5,
and that lyndon johnson was president of the united states. my secret service manual tells me to protect the president of the united states and that was lyndon johnson. you stay with kennedy and i'm going to johnson. so he goes and -- his the first person to give a report to lyndon johnson. robert made up his mind that kennedy is dead but when he sees johnson that isn't what he says. what he says to johnson he says i have seen the president's wounds and i don't think he can survive. and johnson says i need more information. i want to hear from kennedy o'donnell who was appointed secretary in fact the sort of chief of staff for the kennedy white house. and he wants to hear from president kennedy's secret service agent. so emory roberts leaves the room and as he leaves the room he runs into who had arrived at hospital late and didn't see anything that happened and he says to roberts have you seen what is the president's condition and he says very matter-of-factly the president is dead and leader roberts told him johnson didn't know what i knew just kennedy was dead. the next person that co
and lyndon johnson was president of the united states and he says my secret service pan you'll tells me to protect the president of the united states, and that was johnson. so he goes into -- he's the first person to give a report to lyndon johnson. now, roberts has already made up his mind that kennedy is dead and johnson is present, but with he sees johnson that's not what he says. what he says to johnson, he says, i have seen the president's wounds and i don't think he can survive. and johnson says, i need more information, i want to hear from kenny o'donnell, who was -- his title was appointment secretary, he was in fact, sort of chief of he staff for the kennedy white house, and he wants to hear from roy kellerman, who was president kennedy's secret service agent, so emmy roberts leaves the room. he runs into lem johns, who is another secret service agent, who had arrived at the hospital late and says to roberts, have you seen -- what's the president's condition? and he says very matter of factually, the president is dead and later, roberts told william manchester, he said, johnson
of open candid conversations that lead to decisions being made that will benefit the united states and move us toward goals like more peaceful prosperous outcomes for us and many parts of the world. secondly, i think it is important to underscore that we see the fight against al qaeda and the syndicate of terror in the security interest of the united states. i think that kind of got lost the last eight years with a lot of talk about how it wasn't important to get bin laden, you know, that we were there for some other reason. no. it's critical to get those who attacked us. that is what we are there for and what we are trying to do is to assess the best way forward so that we can go anywhere in the united states and anywhere in the world and say the same thing. you have to understand that we believe this syndicate of terror is a threat, not just to the united states and our friends and allies, but to pakistan, afghanistan and many others. >> let me turn to the issue of china where you and the president head next. the lead of the new york times story out this morning about the preside
earlier, fort hood is the largest in the united states, and there is a civilian work force that supports that facility. jonathan hunt has been looking into this, and he is live with us as we wait for that news conference. >> for months, there have been shooting incidents either on or connected to fort hood, although nothing as devastating as today, but in august, there was one charged with murder after a shooting at a party near the army post. a soldier, he shot a colleague. in this case, both men were members of the first cavalry division and had recently returned from iraq. in september 2008, a 21-year-old shot dead his lieutenant before killing himself. in july 2004, police described the shooting deaths of two fort hood soldiers as a murder- suicides, a woman and her estranged husband. they had both served with the fourth infantry division in iraq, and in the war zone, attacking their colleagues from the beginning of the iraq war in 2003. one sergeant from the 101st airborne launched three grenades into the tent of this military camp in kuwait, killing one fellow soldier, and of cours
of the united states. isn't my secret service manual tells me to protect the president of the united states, and that was lyndon johnson. he says you stay with kennedy. i'm going to johnson. so he goes in -- is the first person to give a report to lyndon johnson. roberts has made up his mind that kennedy is dead and johnson is president. when he sees johnson that's not what he says that his first report to johnson he says i have seen the president went and i don't think he can survive. johnson says i need more information i want to hear from kenny o'donnell who was out, his chief of staff for the kennedy white house. he wants to hear from kellerman who was president kennedy's secret service agent. the emery roberts leads the room, he runs into lemma roberts who is another secret service agent. who had arrived at the hospital he ended the anything. he says have you seen -- what's the present condition? he says very matter-of-factly the president is dead. later, roberts called manchester and saint john's didn't know what i do, which is that kennedy was dead. inexpertly comes in its ellerman.
. the more mile air in place across the estern united states. we have been showing you the maps where we shown you breamington and rochester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. our temperatures near or above normal. the forecast for today looks like this increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures, 58 degrees for your high. for tonight here is what we are looking at, -- tonight, 48 degrees is what we are looking at with some clouds. tomorrow more clouds build in. we have a hans of showers during the chance of showers during the course of the day. 39 tomorrow. saturday and sunday a chance of rain late in the day. that's a look at what is happening on the weather. let's get a update on traffic from julie. >>> here we go on the roads now. big delay ifs you are traveling eastbound along 66. the problem with the accident we had at 50 fair oaks activity pushed to the should i. slow out of centerville. delays from 123 towards the capitol beltway. southbound 270 of rockville on the slow side. it will be for a while. local lanes below speed as well. southbound 270, slow approaching passing 109. germa
in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to lean, to automation, to reinvesting in the factories, because they have this stigma in their mind. they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america. it is not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely and it can be done. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> being confined to wheelchairs is not stopping some people who have found a way to get their competitive juices flowing. we are going to introduce you to a game that made it's mark overseas but it is now catching on in the u.s. >>> tiger woods is not talking about his one-car accident. hear what investigators heard when they went to his house to get answers. >> get out of my face. what are you doing? >> cindy sheehan had an explosive exchange with a man who s
and the last thing we need to do is see the united states fall into that trap when really, we should be focused on american security and the security of the american people and issues like health care are number one. >> jack rice, what does the president have to do to get a successful conclusion in afghanistan? he and the united states? will 35,000 more troops do it? >> no, it went. what we have decided is we have tied ourselves to an imp comp enter regime. that's a fact. whether we put 10,000 or 30,000 more troops in. one more little twist to this, one of the things that is apparently going to happen, we're going to focus in on the cities. you know who else tried that? the russians. the soviets did the same thing. they determined they couldn't do this, either. this is absolutely true. the britts invaded into afghanistan twice and lost. the soviets have done this. nobody has ever successfully taken afghanistan and frankly, i have a hard time believe thag the americans are going to be any different. >> here is the president yesterday giving us a preview. >> after eight years, some of those years
of the discussion has been around the fence that the united states wants to pursue a counterterrorism strategy where they target specific regions of afghanistan. there's an understanding that if you seven of troops to blame did the entire country that it would take something like half a million troops. nobody is talking about that. there are specific regions, especially in the southern part of afghanistan and, that they're talking about increasing the troops as a way of giving them more control over those regions and an ability to push back against the extremists, the taliban, and al-qaeda. host: what will he be asking of nato? guest: there have been many discussions over the past months to try to increase the number of troop commitments from nato countries as a way of allowing the united states to have slightly less of a commitment. in the speech, i think you will see a strong call from the president for the nato allies and the other allies around world to step up. host: thank you very much for being with us this morning, michael shear. there are a number of "washington post"front page stories. thi
it falls on the united states senate to at that time baton and bring the this efrlt to the againish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: but the senate may not run with it anytime soon. senator reid has yet to school the floor debate and he's hinted a final bill may not happen until early next year. and if passed, this would be the biggest expansion of health care coverage since medicare. michelle, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington. tara, thanks. >>> and just ahead on the "morning news," commuters in philadelphia get back on track this morning. plus, mixed messages. parents get lost in the facts over the h1n1 flu. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> why are big corporate donors giving to this congressman's scholarship foundation that hasn't given out a single scholarship in six years? we'll "follow the money" this week only on the "cbs evening news." . yes, they are. but i don't have time to fly all around town searching for the best price. with the sears research center, we can guarantee you get the lowest price. great, i'll ta
at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this momentarily. let's go o the white house. president obama. >> everybody have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff or organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that doctor joe medicine pro was around. i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor hero. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and your efforts. i want to give you my solemn guarantee. >> i want
in europe, less popular in europe than it is in the united states. so that is a problem. >> peter bergen, we always appreciate having you and your expertise here with us. thank you, as always, and enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you, t.j.. >> and a reminder, president obama announcing his deployment of troops to afghanistan at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>> the 911 call reporting tiger woods' car accident to police could possibly be released today. but right now, woods and his wife, well, they just aren't talking. police have tried twice now to get their story and each time they've been sent away from his home. they're going to try again a third time today and our susan candiotti is in florida following the story. >> reporter: t.j. and brianna, good morning. florida highway patrol troopers say they're as surprised as anyone else why they haven't been able to hook up yet with tiger woods and his wife to take a statement after that traffic accident. they called it very unusual. the cracked up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods' cadillac suv. accident photos provided anonymously to
will be devastating to the middle class of the united states and make everyone poorer for it because sooner or later you're going to run out of fish. >> thanks to egberto and garrett for those i-reports. head to to weigh in. click the upload now link and you'll have easy instructions there. >>> the army says it needs help from troops and civilians as they investigate the mass shootings at ft. hood. investigators say they're looking for help from anyone who may have left the scene with evidence, specifically if they have vehicles that may have gunshot damage or clothing with gunshot residue on it. 42 people were injured in that shooting at the army post in texas on thursday. an army official says 17 of them and the suspected gunman are still hospitalized. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november. we have seen no evidence whatsoever to date of any friendly fire occurrences during the gunfight between ft. hood law enforcement and the alleged suspect. >> major nidal malik hasan is not on a ventilat
the students that the united states and china should not be adversaries but instead allies any mutually beneficial relationship j the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome china as a strong and prosperous an successful member. the community of nations, a china that draws on the rights, strengths and creativity of vim chinese like you. >> the president said, quote, more is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. tomorrow, mr. obama heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. >>> the obama administering has its eye on an illinois prisons for a possible on for terrorism suspects being moved from guantanamo bay. officials say the thompson correctional center, about 150 miles west of chicago, is just one of the options they are considering. the defense department would lease a portion to house fewer than 100 guantanamo detapeees. a white house official said security would be ong the tightest in the country but republican lawmakers question bridging suspected terrorists to u.s. soil while the country is still at w
common in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully selected audience and what sounded like carefully secretaried questions, he spoke about everything from the nobel peace price to his family. he did press on one point, which is access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet -- or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and there has been some openness about the president's visit here. newsper headlines trumpet his arrival and the fact that the chinese even allowed a carefully monitored town hall meeting may be seen as progres but the president was careful not to press too hard. china is after all the largest creditor. and the president was quick to saythat the two countries fates are interconnected. >> and that is why the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome chinaas a strong and prosperous and successful member of the community of nations. >> reporter: and despite signs of openne
afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
's history of the united states" by howard zinn. this goes back to the 1700's and the names are still look the same. rockefeller's, rothschild, j.p. morgan chased out, bushes. it is amazing how this country -- we are a poor country and being a military family, sir, i have heard stuff that this country is about to experience that was set in place by direct vote -- our former regime. but want to say right now, thank you to my brother, from the bottom of my heart for 40 years of your service to this country and four wars. you made it out alive, brother. i love you and thank you, thank you, thank you. and america, i love you -- we are going to get through this but as long as barack obama does not take back our countries -- companies that oversees, we will never have jobs. we are educated people in our family, college people. i am a teacher. i've got four degrees. my son is a certified chef. let me tell you, there is no money out there for educated people. there really isn't. the younger you are and the more education you have, i think though worse it is for you because you can't make the money
national security. the fbi has estimated that up to 10% of the mosques in the united states are supported by people who favor terrorism. people are going to be very, very sensitive about that. they are going to be cautious, but you have to ask the question, as terrible as fort hood was, what if, in fact, we have across this country even more people who are prepared to kill americans on behalf of trying to impose on us and essentially for the structure of belief? i think this is a very important problem -- impose on us an essentially foreign belief. greta: let me move to another fascinating discussion, the new york 23rd congressional district. the winner has not been certified, and yet, the democratic candidate has been sworn in. how did that happen? >> well, apparently, when the conservative candidate doug hoffman came close, but nobody really thought it was going to be in any way contest oh, they conceded and in good sportsmanship, which is appropriate in america, and then they discovered they had been given that information, that they had done far better in his key county than they had
in the united states. americans led the way last year with 83,000 adoptions. about 13,000 of those children were born elsewhere. there's also some surprising news as we observe national adoption day today. american children, mainly those in foster care, are being adopted by people in other countries. the state department reports 71 cases since april of 2008. those children went to homes in canada, western europe, and australia, places with limited adoption opportunities. >>> some overweight college students in pennsylvania are being told to shape up if they want to graduate. lincoln university near philadelphia requires all students with a body mass index of 30 or higher to take a fitness course. the requirement kicked in four years ago and that class is now in its senior year. the historically black university says it's concerned about the health of its students and points out obesity and diabetes are problems in the african-american community. >> god forbid they're wheeled down on a gurney or stretcher. no one told knme this would happen. >> some students say it's unfair larger students are be
for pictures with rahm emanuel and the vice president of the united states. >> it's just unbelievable to me. the couple posted pictures of themselves on facebook hanging out with the vice president. and the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. a woman describing herself as the publicist for this couple says that they were fully cleared to attend the event. oh, honey, we have a lot more to talk about than just that. so who are the salehis? richard lui takes a closer look in about ten minutes. >>> you may be up earlier than normal to do the cooking and baking today. others are up early to stake their place in new york. 31 balloons including snoopy and spongebob square pants have been inflated for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. thousands of people are expected at this morning's parade including santa claus. >>> yesterday you know was a busy travel day but many people avoided the airports. aaa reports air travel could be down by more than 6% this year. check out the crowds at penn station in new york yesterday. many people chose to go by train, be bus or car. apparently because it is c
to the united states. he's accuse of running over his daughter withes i h car because he didn't think she was living according to traditional values. almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> what kind of business gets 800% of a mark-up on things it's reselling? a military contractor in iraq does. and as brian todd reports, if someone's being ripped off your money is paying for it. >> reporter: $196.50 for a box of washers that's supposed to cost $1.22. $237 for a vehicle side mirror that you and i should pay less than $15 for. that's how much the inspector-general for iraq's reconstruction says american taxpayers have been overbilled by a contractor that supplies vehicle parts for the iraqi army. >> we are going to work with the army material command, the army contracting command to make sure the money is recouped and that taxpayer interests are cared for. >> reporter: he deals with a company called aecom which provides equipment and logistics reports. four invoices were reviewed a tiny fraction of the total, and the company could have overbilled $4
the military, against the united states, then i would have to say that was an extreme action that he took. >> that was major khalid shabazz, a muslim chaplain who met suspected gunman major hasan at ft. hood. >> one of many people at ft. hood who knew major hasan. it's not just a military base, rather, it's a closely knit community of thousands of families. >> this morning they are in shock because the danger was right there at home. erin hayes reports. >> reporter: this is a place that has known sorrow and loss in the past. families sent their soldiers to war knowing they might not return. but that sacrifice made sense to them. michael shaklee and his father served together. when we visited with them at ft. hood they explained why they were headed to battle. >> i've got two beautiful granddaughters. i want them safe. to be able to not be worried about a bomb blowing up somewhere. >> motivates me to get over there, you know. do my job, come back safely to my kids and my wife. i'm going away for a year to preserve, you know, what we have now. >> reporter: that is what resonated here each t
is under president -- is under pressure from the united states and other countries to end corruption in their government. >>> somali pirates have attacked the maersk alabama but this time the outcome was different. they fired on the ship but private securityuards on board fired back and the pirates fled. in april, they attacked the ship and held its captain hostage until navy seals rescued him. two former maersk crew members and ask them to rename or repaint the ship because they felt it would be attacked again but nothing was done. >>> a college student is dead and her classmate is injured every hunter fired on them. there were collecting frogs in the woods near ferrum college won a hunter said he mistake -- mistook the group as a deer. jessica clark died after she was shot in the chest. a man from mclean was shot in the arm. a third stood was not injured. >> he is a wonderful boy, and it is very sad it happened to him. i'm glad to know he is ok now and i feel very blessed that he was ok. >> the man will require that the physical therapy. a 31-year-old jason cloutier was charged wit
decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonnell is poised to become the first republican elected governor since jim gilmore in 199 7. >>> a story in montgomery county. a toddler has been killed and we understand he may have been playing with a c
sells almost all the canned pumpkin in the united states, the bad weather hurt this year's crop. he company is warning of a potential shortage of the capped pumpkin through the holiday season.  cell phone users, beware. someone could be listening in on your calls. to track your every move and it could be completely legal. fox 5s melanie alnwick is here with more. >> reporter: what is frightening is how easy it is to do. all a spy needs is access to your phone, a computer and 30 minutes to monitor everything you do and everywhere you go. private eyes could be watching you through your cell phone and you will never know. the spyware takes the big brother concept to an unprecedented level. >> overall, i think this is a dangerous software capability. i think this is invacation of privacy. >> we downloaded the spy ware from the website and put it on a target phone. his fiance jennifer has the monitor phone. this text message ans he's made a call. >> every time nol's phone sends or receives a call, text or e- mail, jennifer's phone is alerted. now, we're going to redial. >
sales back in the united states. >> reporter: in beijing today mr. obama met with chinese president hu jintao tensions are high over economic ispooupts u.s. is a huge market for chinas cheap products. china has largely financed america's deficit lending hundreds of billions to fund stimulus issue. combatting climate change and nuclear programs in iran and north korea atop his agenda there. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> the priz will be in china all day tomoow and then on wednesday he goes to south korea. >>> general motors made a big announcement today. that the money going to gm is about to go back. repaying the $6.7 billion in government loans next month. first, there will be a $1.2 billion payment. and gm says it could pay off the full amount by 2011. that's four years ahead of schedule. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: the economic engine is apparently running again for the u.s. auto industry. >> we actually generated cash in this period. >> reporter: cutting jobs and closing dealerships, me efficient general motors generated $3.3 billion in the third quarter and an
of freedom face new challenges. once again, people on the front line are looking to the united states. in labor camps in north korea, political prisons in cuba and burma, to the university also in venezuela and other places, dissidents and reformers are looking for support and strength. what america stands for liberty, they take heart. when they do not, the dictators tighten their grip. throughout my presidency, we met with families of political prisoners. the bush institute will continue this cause. we will support advocates of freedom around the globe. as a first step, we will assemble a freedom coalition, a depository of memoirs of letters from democratic activists. the freedom collection will be on line for the world to see. among the leaders to have agreed to participate or the president of liberia. the founder of iran's revolutionary guard, who became an advocate for democratic change. a man who spent 10 years in eight gulag. we will send a message to dissidents and underground preachers and political prisoners around the world, we hear your voice, and as you stand for your free
, if you are going to say governor palin didn't have any solution, our president of the united states doesn't have any solution. so, i don't know what the beef is, other than maybe sarah palin should have one but, you know, what say you? obama doesn't have one. >> well, i think, for me at least, and i think a lot of americans agree with me, certainly many will disagree with me, too. we have to have something more concrete. outlandish but people say pay off the taliban in afghanistan. bill: the most specific policy possible to win in afghanistan and to prevent a nuclear iran. but we don't. so it's not just -- and, again, i sound like i'm making excuses for governor palin. i'm not. buff i felt she was conversant with the issues. a lot of people didn't feel she was conversant. i felt she was conversant with them. that she knew what the problems were. you are right, she didn't say, look -- because i handed her the blockade, the naval blockade, which is eventually what you are going to have to do there. you will either have to bomb the hell out of them or put a naval blockade in. one or the othe
may have been transferring money from the united states to pakistan prior to the attacks. the congressman described this to me as a real lead or potential lead that was being run down by federal authorities. what i know separately from ply report something that in addition to the apartment, the computer and cell phone records, they were going through the banking records to get a better picture of his background. shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. thank you. breaking news now. former president george w. bush is speaking live for the first time from southern university in texas. >> i'm also pleased to be sharing the stage with laura. she has been an awesome partner for the past 32 years, and 7 days. i think she is the best former first lady in the nation's history. [applause] although i better be a little careful. competition in the family. i'm glad to be with our daughter jenna and we're looking forward to having our daughter barbara come to dallas tonight. one of the joys of my time in public service has been watching our girls grow into professional women, w
tried to fly to the united kingdom, but was denied entrance and returned to the united states. almaleki is accused of running over his daughter with his car because he didn't think she was living her life according to the traditional iraqi values. noor almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> the suspect in a deadly iraq bombing managed to kill someone during a police interrogation. iraq's interior of ministry says he grabbed a gun from a guard and shot an investigator. the investigator wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. both died from their injuries. the suspect also looted the guard he took the gun from. investigators were questioning him in last sunday's bombing in baghdad that killed at least 160 people. that was iraq's deadliest bombing since 2007. >>> the bids are really stacking up for a motorized recliner a man drove while drunk. >> and then about five minutes later, they called me, $20,000! i'm like, are you kidding me?! >> and with just a couple days left in the auction, the price is going up. xxxxxxxxxx >>> no wortd on when san francisco's
around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate president, come down and run the government in new orleans. because in its origins -- >> they won't even spend the night. >> everything you're trying to do with the country is right here. your educational system, your law enforcement apparatus. they're rebuilding everything from the ground up right now. >> and you know, julia, george w. bush didn't come here for a very long time, had that terrible shot of him -- >> it was about a week. >> gazing out the window from 40,000 feet. >> that was bad optics. >> and then president obama came down here after all of the promises, he was here for a couple of hours and then flew to a fund-raiser in san francisco. why is it so hard for washington to focus on new orleans. >> i mean, we're so low on the totem pole. it's not just the president. try to get congress to talk about wetland restoration or anything like that because every senator wants their bridge to nowhere
at a swiss vacation home. the 76-year-old director is fac extradition to the united states. polanski fled california for france 31 years ago before he could be sentenced for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> while you were eating turkey yesterday, a park ranger in australia barely avoided being eaten. check out this amazing video from down under. you can see the park ranger slipped on slick grass inside a crocks enclosure. looks like he'll eat him and he's smacked on the head with the stick allowing the ranger to escape. >>> sports could come back to the pontiac silver dome in michigan. the owner of the canadian company buying the dome says he wants to bring football, baseball and other sports to the 80,000-seat venue. the detroit lions moved to ford field in 2002. the silver dome was built in 1975 for $56 million. it was sold at auction for $583,000. >>> the most frenzied shopping day of the year may be the best day to bargain with your car dealer. researchers at say black friday is the best kday t buy a new vehicle. the average discount 7.5%. analysts looked at incenti
, this is not including all kind of chinese drywall, but this particular brand was imported to the united states between 2005 and 2007. if you can see the back side of it, it will say made in china as well. the main things to look out for are, as you are saying, corroded wires and pipes. homeowners also report add rotten egg smell, sickness as well as failed appliances. now, the coach of the new orleans saints even says most of his house was built with this. >> we had five computer failures. we're on our fourth hard drive right now. we had 13 air conditioning service calls, three different coil foil failures, we're on our third microwave oven panel. had to install a second set of phone lines, a second alarm system. >> so far there have been more than 2,000 complaints in 32 states across the country. d.c. and puerto rico as well. next half hour we'll tell you what to do if you have the defective brand in your home. >>> so you can see a madhouse at the mall friday. some might like that. retailers are expecting black friday shopping to soar this year. melissa long in for jennifer westhoven on this day. bea
blank, do you feel that, you know, you're capable of being president of the united states she said yes and her answer to the why of that was, one, she is common sense. bill: right. >> two, she reflects the values many americans have. and, three, she thinks americans are tired of elitists. this woman has 5-million-dollar book deal before one book is sold. this woman spent nearly $800 a night on hotel rooms and 20,000 plus to move her family around. this woman also left the throne of governor in alaska, would she bail on us in tough times for the bigger and better deal? i thought it was hypocritical. i think it. bill: there is nothing wrong with earning money. she is doing it legitimately. she had enormous amount of debt, 500,000 piled up by people. look, leslie we had you on the program because we wanted to hear what you had to say. we appreciate it some new information about the guy who killed 14 people at fort hood. geraldo has been investigating that glenn beck on the 9/12 project. what the heck is the 9/12 project? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ├Ě bill: new information ab
, it was not considered a federal crime to assassinate the president of the united states, so the kennedy group is in the hospital, they load the body and they are about to leave and a coroner says you can't leave. we're doing the autopsy here. so they steal, they push their way through. you had these well-armed secret service agents, they pushed past the dallas cop, they steal the body of the president of the united states. they race back to air force one. and they get on air force one, extract the body. as soon as that happen, we have to get out of here because they think the dallas police are going to come up, surround the plane, board the plane and drag the body of the president off. but lyndon johnson, he's sitting there waiting for local justice to come on to swear him in. so that starts this conflict, that plays out over the next few hours and few days. >> i got to tell you, i could sit here talking with you about it. we're out of time. the book is "the kennedy assassination, 24 hours after." pick it up. it's a great read. also on the history channel running right now. >>> still ahead, t
the secretary denied. >> united states preventive services task force have done what they've been asked to do which is routinely review data and look at preventive services across the board and make recommendations. they don't make policy. >> panel members said the recommendations did not consider cost and were not politically motivated. sebeli urged women to keep doing what they're doing, talk to their doctor and then decide what's best. >>> overseas in pakistan. a suicide car bomb exploded outside the main court building in the regional capital of peshawar this morning. at least 16 people were killed. the courthouse is near the parliament and army commander's residence. peshawar has seen a spike in bombings since the army b offensive against the tal the nearby border region with afghanistan. >>> for the second time this year theargo mae alabama" has been attacked in the indian ocean. in april a ragtag group from somalia boarded the ship and took its captain hostage. this time the crew was prepared. here's jim sciutto. >> reporter: the "maersk alabama" was saling from to kenya 560 miles off
. >>> meanwhile people here in the united states are preparing for the possibility hurricane ida could hit the gulf coast. chuck's here with more on that. >> that's right. yes, indeed. a clear sky over washington right now. we are watching out for all eyes on ida down in the gulf coast. let's go ahead and check out our weather graphics computer. all eyes on ida, indeed. watches and warnings have already been posted. tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast. a landfall of a hurricane is possible early on tuesday. we may have the wind and rain here in the washington area by wednesday. certainly nothing of a strong wind nature here in washington. still, nonetheless. there you can see the watches and warnings posted along the gulf coast from new orleans and mobile and pensacola to the big bend of the florida peninsula. 460 miles now to the south of pensacola, florida. the storm is moving up to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. a full check on the track and our work and school forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> redskins, they now sit at 2-6 halfway t
to accusations of racism. >> it's a town where it's like anywhere else in the united states. this is not a racist environment. as i said in closing arguments -- >> boo! >> you can hear the tension. how did this case get so big? she nearly got jail time. sweet! sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda® with fiber. jeep. knowing reality isn't captured by a hidden camera. it doesn't come in episodes either. you see i don't live to live through anyone ever. so while everyone waits to see the next best this or an unbelievable that. here's the reality. there's no rerun when your living in the now. so while you tune in i'll be somewhere getting out. i live. i ride. i am. jeep. immune plus shot. this little shot is more like a big shot of-- (dog barking) ...for your immune system. feel the-- (dog barking) feel the good >>> well, good morning, everybody. on this saturday, thanks for joining us. >> very good morning to you. i'm sitting in for t.j. holmes. >>> let's get to it. a hearing for the ft. hood shooting suspect
of jaycee lee dugard 18 years after she vanished in the united states. >> we've got to believe madeline's still alive. we would be doing madeline a disservice if we didn't believe that. and that applies to other ssing children. and i think the key thing is the jaycee lee dugard story, where people give up. we should never give up on madeline >> reporter: the film also includes two new images depicting how madeline may look today. one with tanned skin and darker hair. even after nearly two and a half years the police still don't know whether madeline mccann was taken by human traffickers or abducted by a lone kidnapper or disappeared in some other way. that's why this campaign is designed to bypass all the theories and the guesswork and target someone who does know. someone who knows her abductor. someone who may decide that it's time tdo the right thing. ben ando, bbc news, central london. >> earlier in that piece you saw him video with a couple of young children. they were 2 at the time, 4 now. they're starting to ask questions. the parents say they're more forthcoming than they are, t
is providing funding to research diseases that plague third world country and in the united states and europe, the big pharmaceuticals are learning they don't have to sell vaccines at pennies of dose. that tens of hundreds of is possible making the research profitable. scientists are optimistic they could see results in the next several years. >> we will look forward to that. thank you. we appreciate that. >>> there is another person to get drivers to stop texting behind the wheels as the number of deaths go up and up. >>> the new twilight movie gets ready for its first showing. i'm surae chinn. i'll have more coming right up. >>> and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. the heavy activity is now just east and north of us. a little bit of rain out here. we'll take you out with wake up weather and get the kids out to school. returning mostly sunny by 8:00. temperatures mild. 46-55. that is not bad for a late november. we'll come back. we're going to show you the lightning detection. take you all the way through friday into the weekend. stay tuned. >>> today's economy has some folks making grave dec
>>> tracking ida, the tropical storm moves towards the united states. complete coverage on the potential impact. >>> check for these stories and all of the breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >>> corruption, scandal at
in america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i am absolutely confident it will, and i look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year. now, a senior aide says that the president did watch the vote as it happened in the house there from camp david. president obama, by the way, is set to return to the white house from camp david sunday afternoon. elaine quijanoo, cnn, washington. >>> the bill now moves on to the senate, where it must also pass, if it is to become law. as in the house, senate democrats are having a hard time winning over republican support for the bill. if the senate passes the bill, the senate version must be reconciled with the house bill that passed last night before it can be signed in to law. >>> it will be a tough day tomorrow for commuters in philadelphia. talks aimed at ending a transit strike broke down last night. bus drivers and trolley and drivers walked off the job yesterday. an independent audit to make sure pension funds are secure and it says it will not star
. in the past, like seasonal flu, the elderly are more vulnerable. ? >> yeah, with h1n1, since it hit the united states back in april, it has been the younger generation that were affected. although there were some that have been apparently perfectly healthy that has succumbed to the illness. the emphasis is to get the younger ones especially. but we want the seniors to get their seasonal flu shots, because ey are susceptible to that. >> it's going to be a dig turnout here today, as the flu vaccine comes in, they are handing it out. and if you miss this clinic you can call the county health department between 3:00 and 4:00 if you are saw specially vulnerable and they can schedule you for a clinic later in the week. >>> alexander clinics will be on king street and begin at 11:00 this morning and run until 3:00 this afternoon. the clinic is limited to people in the high priority groups, including children between the ages of 2 and 24, and health care providers. >>> now to a terrible mystery in fairfax county. a person found dead in a burning car. the firefighters found the car on fire last night i
was not seriously injured. >>> parts of the gulf coast are on alert as tropical storm ida moves towards the united states. wjz has first warning coverage. drew levinson reports from gulf of mexico, mississippi. even though ida is no longer a hurricane, expecting strong winds and lots of rain. >> reporter: tropical storm warnings along the gulf coast are not keeping some people away. dieanda helpeddercot and cheryl holly are visiting from missouri. they came down here with visions of taking beauty shots to put on up on their walls back home. >> i was hoping for the blue sky and water and this is not what we expected. >> reporter: oliver lancaster know what's to expect. >> katrina almost destroyed his biloxi home four years ago. he knows ida is no katrina but he still pulled down the front porch swings and secured anything he could. >> just in case. >>> dispute ida weakening, the governor in mississippi as well as florida and alabama have declared a state of emergency, and in louisiana ida is beginning to stir the surf. crews on grand isle are using bulldozers to shore up a levee. >> we plan to work
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